Town & Country Mag | June 2016

"Imagine utilitarian wares like household cleaning brushes made of supple wood and wrapped in furoshiki bags " - Cathy Chon

Zomila City Mag | April 2016

"get.give sells a range of items perfect for gifting, with unique ceramics, kitchen items, luxury eco-friendly products, candles, soap and more." 


Marie Claire | April 2016

“一般人送禮很少想到日常用品,但只要加點幽默感,簡單的禮物也可以令人會心微笑。曾經送過一位男性朋友一支鞋子的除臭劑,寫了一張卡片:To save your marriage. ”

"With a little sense of humour, simple gifts can bring a knowing smile. Once I gave a male friend of mine a bottle of shoe refresh with a card written: To save your marriage."


ELLE Magazine | January 2016

"第一,當然要有用啦,而且使用時會很享受;第二是品 質好;第三點是本店的宗旨 —— 具可持續性,對環保盡責"

"Firstly, it has to be useful and offer an enjoyable experience. The second, its premium quality. Thirdly, they are eco-friendly, as sustainability is our focus."

Eat and Travel Weekly | December 2015

"get.give means to give and to receive, to enjoy the warm feeling of friendliness through meaningful gifting. " 


Baccarat Magazine | November 2015

"Jones works with corporate clients to introduce meaningful brands that share their ethos and creates bespoke gifting packages that relate to their brand values."


Home Journal | Facebook | November 2015

"get.give is an answered prayer for the holiday shopping debacle, filled with meaningful, one-of-a-kind presents."


Baccarat Magazine | November 2015

"The store is tucked into a cosy street in Shek Tong Tsui and is a haven of handcrafted, unique products."


Baccarat Magazine | Facebook | November 2015

"a treasure trove filled with unique, thoughtful gifts to spoil your loved ones."


SCMP | November 2015

"a mindful gift emporium that wants to cut down on thoughtless consumption."


SCMP | November 2015

"get.give, a new boutique in Shek Tong Tsui ... was born of frustration at the lack of original gift choices in Hong Kong."


 Stylebrief Hong Kong | September 2015

"everything at Kate Jones’ atelier get.give on 14 Po Tuck Street in Sai Ying Pun is to swoon over. "