Meet our makers

Haeckels is a natural fragrance and skin care brand made in Margate, UK.
Kahoko brings to you timeless, heirloom quality handmade textile pieces and soaps all the way from Rift Valley, Kenya. Sold by us exclusively in Hong Kong.
Hender Scheme
Timeless leather accessories that proposes a concept which surpasses the "gender" schema based on society, but returns to the idea of "sex" based on one's appearance. Handmade by Mr Ryo Kashiwazaki in Tokyo. 
Los Poblanos
An organic lavender farm in New Mexico dedicated to producing top quality natural products. Sold by us exclusively in Hong Kong. 
get.wrapped is a collection of artisan eco-friendly gift wrapping accessories created in collaboration with get.give and local Hong Kong Artists.
Iris Hantverk
Iris Hantverk collection is carefully handmade by 5 visually impaired craftsmen using an old Swedish tradition. Made in Stockholm Sweden.
Beautiful objects and clever solutions for everyday use.
Bürstenhaus Redecker 
Traditional hand-crafted brushes and accessories made in Germany for over 75 years. 
Japanese products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness that will stand by you in everyday life.
Daphnis & Chloe
A Greek culinary herb and spice company dedicated to chefs and home cooks who are looking for Mediterranean ingredients of the finest quality. Sold by us exclusively in Hong Kong. Photo credit: Adrianna Glaviano
Handcrafted convenient tools using traditional Japanese carpentry methods.
The finest quality British heritage garden pieces.
Ingrid Starnes
Ingrid Starnes is a New Zealand designed and made label. Their skincare range is made from fine Vetiver Bergamot perfume oils which have been essential ingredients in skincare for centuries. 

Pietre Al Monte
Handpicked, cold-pressed, and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from the region of Tuscany.
Naturally-derived, safe cleaning range, that are both effective and beautiful products.
Mr Black
A comprehensive range of products for people who love what they wear, Mr Black is scientifically formulated to cleanse, revitalise, and protect.
Bianca Lorenne
Established in 2005 to fulfil a passion, Bianca Lorenne is about creating gorgeous bed linen and all things beautiful.