Having both worked in small and large corporations across the world, get.give founders Kate Jones and Seanne Ducat grew weary of corporate gifting that lacked inspiration, personalisation and ultimately ended up in landfill. get.give was created to offer a considered alternative, a new way of gifting. 

get.give has offices in Auckland and Hong Kong, and a strong family of partners and collaborators from all parts of the world.

Kate Jones:

Kate has successfully run her creative consultancy, at liberty, from Shanghai and Hong Kong for the past five years, working with a number of international brands to help launch them into the asian market. More recently, kate has worked on a variety of projects, working as the gm for a luxury flower boutique in Hong Kong to consulting creative director for Miele and providing event artistic direction for Hermes. Kate likes a creative challenge and sourcing innovative solutions.  

Seanne Ducat:

Seanne spent a decade working for international corporations in the food and beverage industry. Seanne has seen firsthand the difficulties procuring creative and thoughtful corporate gifts. Now based in Auckland, Seanne is using her deep personal knowledge of corporate gifting to offer inspiring, ethical products with a personal touch.