Eat Ethio's Gift Picks

(Photo credit: Home Journal)
Our good friends Scott and Helina from Eat Ethio have selected a few of their favourite gifts from our collection. Join us and Eat Ethio on Sunday 11th December 2016 to explore their selection as well as check out some of their own Eat Ethio products which will also be for sale and partake in an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony or two. Find out a little more about the couple and their selection below: 
Helina Tesega and Scott Albon are the husband and wife team behind the brand Eat Ethio, which provides a modern insight into the food, coffee, music, designs and culture of Ethiopia through pop-up events, supper clubs and private dinning.
"Gifting to us, is about the thought that goes into it, the consideration and the personalisation of the gift. It feels really good to surprise someone with something that could only be for them. Whether the gift is expensive or not, the thought and effort is what really makes it special. Oh and of course that means beautiful wrapping is important too!…thank goodness for double sided tape."
Helina's Picks:
Kids' baking kit
Children's Rice Straw Broom
Any Kahoko Rug
Kettle Teapot
Facial Cleanser
Scott's Picks:
Box with Herbs
Faro Pot Set 
Japanese Chopstick Holder - Set of Five
Incense - Juniper
Bottle Grinders


Sunday 11th December 2016  |  12pm - 5pm