August 10, 2015


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holiday picks by jess & pier




 Who Are Pier and Jess?

The Changing Room was created by Jess and Pier who from diverse backgrounds share a love of aesthetics, design and appreciation of great style.  From fashion to interiors with their natural eye for design, ability to source good finds and intuitive process of putting it all together provide a range of services from personal styling to interior decoration helping individuals and businesses find a style of their very own.


You make a dynamic duo, how do you make it work being friends and business partners?

We are so different and the differences are what I feel make working together worthwhile and valuable.  We are honest with each other and don’t let s**t pile on. I spend more time with Jess than my husband and when that happens, you’d better keep it real.  ~ Pier


How would you add your own individual style to a gift?

Wrapping/packaging is really important.  I’m a brown paper and string girl.  But a note is what really changes everything.  Handwritten words, a sadly waning form of communication, makes an enormous difference.  If I give a gift, it means more to write something meaningful that resonates with that recipient.  Then what is inside the package is that much better. ~ Pier


 You both have traveled the world. What’s unique about HK style?  

In terms of fashion it is a well heeled city.  It has always been a shopping mecca but now I feel that local designers have really put HK on the map.  The style is edgy but wearable and people are becoming more confident at expressing themselves through fashion.  All you need to do is open the society pages to see how chic and effortless people look. ~ Jess


What’s been the most memorable (good or bad) gift you have ever received? 

The most memorable gifts for me are always the ones who remind me of the person giving it to me.  It’s hard to pick a bad gift as the gift of giving is the most important thing but I think for me I don’t like receiving gifts that I can see the person has just invested money but not thought or has chosen something that is totally not me at all.  It either highlights how little time they have spent on it or the fact they don’t really know me very well.  That’s the beauty of the get.give collection it’s so thoughtful and also so practical that you can’t really go wrong. ~ Jess 


Jess’ Picks

 For myself



For a partner



Host or Hostess gift



Emergency gift




Pier's Picks


For myself  (um, everything…)  



Partner gift 



Host/Hostess gift  



Emergency gift